The filthy water stung their wounds, the air was hot, humid and burned to breathe. The whole place smelled of death and rotting vegetation.
Their time was running low, the darkness would soon come to engulf them and they would join the rest of the dead there. They weren’t running, they couldn’t run. The mud was thick and made every step a challenge. They didn’t know how far they were from the end of the swamp, many times they thought they were going in circles and would get even more lost. Their sense of direction was fucked, they could not see the sun and it was too light for stars still. .
They saw the darkness coming, as well as more corpses. Some were in trees, others were in the water. Most of them were dismembered and disemboweled. It was like they had just been thrown around. They didn’t realize that they were not going towards the edge of the swamp, but closer to the center of it. The smell of death started getting unbearable.
It continued to get darker, their movements became more sluggish. They could not turn back because of the darkness, the only way they could go was forward. It was leading them.
They felt things grab and bite at them, they could not see these things though. They had to swat at weird beings trying to get into their wounds. The stinging got worse, their bodies started to ache, they had no idea how long they had been there. How long they had been trying to get out.
The corpses started forming piles that started to go above the water. They didn’t want to move on because the smell, but did because they wanted to get out.
They started hearing whispers from the dark, it was too late for them, they now had no chance of escape.
They stood there in a panic, but also an acceptance of their death. The two started feeling icy hands go into their wounds and separate their skin from their flesh. The weird beings had gone into their wounds. Hands held their limbs and mouths, they could do nothing but let out muffles screams. The hands moved up and separated the flesh and skin on their torsos. They felt their abdomen get cut open and the heat from their bodies escape. What felt like worms went up into their torsos and started to pull their organs out all at once. The organs vanished into the darkness with their skin. The two were now dead and the dark had started to loose interest. They fell where they stood and became part of a corpse pile.